Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why would you go to Melaleuca over Amway?

Why would you go to Melaleuca over Amway?

Melaleuca doesn't require you to buy unwanted tapes, CD's, books, and go to meetings.

Melaleuca has been used for over 40,000 years by the Aborigines in Australia, by westerners since the 1700's, and in more products since 1985.

Melaleuca Inc. has never had to disguise its operations under another name due to bad press and image.

Melaleuca's products are WAY superior to Amways in every way! (I was an Amway customer/rep over 20 years ago and they still owe me money!)

You can SEE the difference with Melaleuca's products within a very short time period (for problems like smelly drains for example). Also, if you use Melaleuca for any length of time, and then try to go back to your old brands, you'll see why Melaleuca is the best choice! You'll smell, taste and notice the difference!

Whether you decide to do Melaleuca just as a customer or as a business, is your choice. What I like about Melaleuca is the fact that ANYONE can sign up to do business for FREE! Whether you join the business side of it or not is irrelevant, as the member's fee is still the same regardless!

Aegist - "If anything, at least you know Amway are a market stayer..." - true, over 75 years in business I believe. But, they've disguised themselves many times (Quixtar, Excelsior to name just two more recent ones). Also, they've lost profits year on year. They can't keep a good retention rate of either customers or reps. (2 people I signed up in 1987 made it to Diamonds, and a year or so later, just disappeared from Amway! I later found out that they were over $100,000 in debt because of Amway and broken promises made by dubious uplines. Amway was seeking them out to ORDER them back into the business!).

Melaleuca hasn't seen a single downturn in profits for the 20 years it's been in operation. They adhere to the FDA's rule very seriously, and market products for other companies that provide consumers with safer, less toxic products at superior quality and better prices! They've been number 1 in Fortune 500 listings for 5 years consistently. There's no pressure to build your business, buy tapes or books etc, and the products REALLY DO make a difference!

I can't say what Amway is like now, but my experience with them was all bad. My experience with Melaleuca has been nothing but sweet for over 6 years! (And I make just enough money each month from friends' orders to cover my own product costs!) [IMG]


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