Monday, January 7, 2013

Vitality Weight Loss Challenge

love this challenge Stacey sent out. If you want to participate feel free to emai her below she is following Melaleuca’s new program!
Ok so we have exactly 10 weeks until Spring Break with our kids and there is no better time than now to get healthy, in shape and do the Vitality Weight Loss Challenge.
I have attached the flyer for anyone that would like to participate in losing 10% of your current weight. Make sure you submit your information to Melaleuca so you can qualify for prizes.
If you’re interested in forming a team e-mail me back and let’s hold one another accountable with weekly check in’s, celebrations and troubleshooting. We want to help anyone that wants to participate achieve their goal!!!
Melaleuca has made it simple with the plan and the products! Let’s get healthy in 2013!
E-mail me no later than Friday, January 11th at – anyone can participate with us so forward to your teams!

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