Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Insights Of An Inspired Mom

Melaleuca - Stay at Home Moms

I am a Melaleuca Mom,

I need to be home with my children,

I need to have safer and healthier products for my kids, my husband and myself.

To me, living into my 80's and 90's is a necessity. I love that my kids have my husband's grandparents that they can talk to everyday. Making it to that milestone isn't worth it if you are unhealhy, in pain or have to pay 500$ a month for medicines. My family is going to start their lives and continue their lives being HEALTHY!
I am a Melaleuca Mom,

We need the income,

This isn't just extra play money for me,

I wanted to make a difference in other people's lives with my career.

I work alongside an awesome group of women who take pride in their careers and can be proud of what they have accomplished. Too often both parents work because they think they don't have a choice... I am here to tell you that just simply isn't true. We have a REAL way to be a mom, wife and also own a business that brings in GREAT money EACH MONTH!

Ask me about how you can become a Melaleuca Mom today....

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