Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Melaleuca - The Perfect


Melaleuca's business model of being a Consumer Direct Marketing company makes it a great choice for Moms who are trying to stay home with their children and still earn an income.
Because of the economy it has become more important than ever for their to be a second income stream in most homes. That being said, that does not mean that Moms like the idea of leaving their children, even part time. Although there are many business opportunities out there that offer a great way to make money, I believe that Melaleuca is uniquely positioned to appeal to Moms.
Here are a few good things to consider, if you are looking at Melaleuca as a viable option for a second income stream for your family.
1. The products often easily appeal to other women. Women want products for their families that are safe, effective and save them money. Melaleuca's Eccosense line of cleaning products are easy for women to talk about and give them an opportunity to help other women save money.
2. Most mothers are interested in wellness and the wellness products that Melaleuca offers are cost effective, clinically tested and effective. Women love to talk about health and wellness and these products are easy to share.
3. Building a Melaleuca business is also a great way for career-minded women who take a break from the workplace to keep their skills up and maintain an active resume while they are caring for children. Additionally, these women bring an expertise to the business that can contribute to amazingly quick success.
4. Melaleuca does not require anyone to hold parties, stock merchandise, deliver products or any other time consuming activities. In fact most women build their business with only a computer and a phone.
5. Melaleuca does not require a high start up cost. Where many "at home" type businesses cost in excess of $500 with ongoing monthly costs for web sites, Melaleuca provides free web sites and team support. Moms don't have to take money out of the family budget to get going.
6. Melaleuca is an empowering business. Most Moms love the idea of helping other stay-at-home Moms develop a business.
7. Because of the reliablility of Melaleuca's residual income, it provides an income even if something takes Mom's attention away from the business. I know women who have had to leave their business for months at a time to care for a sick child and still had their income stay the same. Not many businesses provide that kind of freedom.
Melaleuca is a great business for anyone, but Moms seem to thrive with it. The simplicity of the referral concept, the effectiveness of the products and the low cost of entry are all attractive to Moms. The simplicity of the business make it easy for a Mom to fit it into her busy schedule and optimize the time she has to build a business and not feel guilty if she can't be there 100% of the time.
If you are a Mom looking for a way to break free and have your own business feel free to email me or visit my web site.

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Brandy Luing
Work At Home United

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