Friday, June 1, 2012

he person in control of the household is the one with the remote control

The person in control of the household is the one with the remote control. Our competitors would love to be able to advertise by word of mouth. They have no way to compensate people for doing it. In that way, we are changing the game.
Starting your own business. You’ve got to have a nest egg saved up. In today’s world you need a big nest egg saved up. You can’t start a hamburger stand, a car wash – they’re all franchises. It’s almost impossible to start a business. We’re changing that. There’s no way for the little guy to get ahead. The lottery is so important because it’s people’s only hope. With $29 you can start one whopping good business. Here’s what you get for $29.
To compete with the big guys, this is what you need:
A whole stable of scientists
Another stable of attorneys
Staff of order takers
Staff of marketing people
Accounting department
Human resources
A million sf of factory space
Another million of warehouse space
Huge office buildings
People working for you
Distribution center – two of them – both over 160,000 sf
$160 million of computer power
Dozens of patents worth millions of dollars
Set up to compete against the big guys the very first day, and you’ll win, hands down.
Pension plans are broke. People realize they can’t prosper in old age unless they have a
Work At Home United business.

Moms can stay home and raise their children. We have moms here in this room doing that. They get the wonderful experience of raising their children based on their values, but they can avoid horrendous costs of daycare. Dads can participate in their children’s lives. We still want you to stay in your corporate job until you’re making 3x what your job pays.

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