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Be Healthy for Life NOW


I started taking the Vitality 4 pack along with the Provex CV. I have been taking the vitamins for about 2 months now. My mother, 49 years of age, just passed away in November unexpectedly. So I began taking sleeping pills to manage my insomnia due to all the stress in my life. A friend of mine introduced me to Melaleuca & gave me the pitch about the Oligo fructose Complex in the vitamins. I was skeptical at first, but went ahead and tried it, what did I have to lose right? Well..I had a lot to lose I found out! I now am sleeping pill free!!! I used to heavily rely on coffee every morning, but I don’t need it or crave it anymore because the AM pack gives me a ton of energy and I’ve never performed better at work. My memory is better, I’m definitely on top of my game, and my co-workers notice the change in me! I was so excited I started telling everyone my experience. Melaleuca has really done their homework on the formulation of their vitamins & my experience proves it. Victoria Albertson
-Victoria & Charles Albertson, Marketing Executive II, Preferred Customer Since 2009

Exercising was always too difficult! I could never continue with a program because I always felt too tired. My enroller suggested using the Vitality vitamins and some VFL products. I immediately began to see a difference! I drink the Pro-Flex shakes now and take the Vitality vitamins every day. I cannot believe the difference in the energy I have when I am working-out. I have graduated to the intermediate level of my workout videos and lost 7 lbs in just a few weeks! I am excited and feel great. Thanks. Donna Chance-Director
-Donna Chance Preferred Customer Since 2001

We bought the Prenatal Vitality Pack for our daughter when she announced her pregnancy. She was so tired at work and had no energy. After starting on the vitality pack, she said she was feeling great. We are looking forward to a healthy mom and our 1st grandchild in March of 09. Thanks Malaleuca, Darrell & Sue from Ringle WI
-Darrell or Sue Stetzer Preferred Customer Since 2006

I am currently four months pregnant and just had an assessment of my general health. I am 39 years old and have been taking the Vitality Pack® for 10 years, and for the past six months have been taking the Prenatal Pack. I have had a great pregnancy so far (I didn’t have any problems during my first pregnancy with my now 3-year-old either), but the doctor told me my health was excellent. Thanks, Melaleuca, there is nothing more important than good health for you and your family and I always know that I have the BEST products in the world to keep my family and myself healthy—it really means the world to us!
-Alexandra & Neil Morehouse Preferred Customer Since 1998

I love the Vitamin’s! I have been more healthy, have more energy and feel like a 25 year old and I’m over 40!! I would recommend them to anyone who wants to be healthier. Thank you Melaleuca!
-Heather & Wayne Maisonneuve Preferred Customer Since 2002

After having our sixth child I was feeling a little bit raked over the coals. My doctor suggested a multi vitamin. Have you ever noticed how many there are out there? I was told about the vitality pack from a friend. Wow what a difference. I now have a lot of energy to deal and cope with all the goings on in our home, and my family thanks you too!
-Jane Stulp Preferred Customer Since 2006

My husband and I haven’t slept through the night in over 9 years! Our Vitality 4 and Vitality Total help us have enough energy to raise 3 busy young children and keep us all healthy. Thanks Melaleuca!
-Jacqueline and Anthony Leardi Preferred Customer Since 2000

Though I have diligently taken prenatal vitamins everyday through my pregnancy, I’ve never put much stock in supplements; I figured all were the same and just filled in what I wasn’t getting from my diet. When I switched from my regular prenatal vitamins to the Vitality Prenatals I became a believer. Within a week of taking them my energy returned, I was no longer snapping at my toddler or stumbling wearily through each day. I wish I’d found this product during my last pregnancy!
-Jennifer Preferred Customer Since 2009

My doctor says this is what I need.
-Dennis and Marcia Johnson Preferred Customer Since 1992

I am a 50-year-old aerobics instructor and personal trainer who works out as many as three times a day, and I have the energy to meet that lifestyle. I know that the Oligo vitamins work because occasionally I’ll forget to take a morning or night pack and, BAM! I’m dragging. Thanks Melaleuca!
-Paula & Andrew Kelly Preferred Customer Since 2002

In Oct 2005, I was told by my heart Doctor to take vitamins he told me I could buy them at the local drug store I started on the vitamins that day, I took them every day . In March of 2007 I was having problems with my arms and back, I went to my family doctor, he sent me to a Neurologist that did a bunch of tests. The neurologist said MS, I couldn’t beleive my ears. I went home not telling my husband what I was told, he didn’t need to worry. I took it to the Lord everyday. As time went by it became worst, but I kept praying. I was unable to watch my newborn grandson, I was scared that I would drop him. In Jan 2008 I was sent back to the Neurologist again more test and this time he was very stern with me and telling me I have MS. I was not going to have this, I stilled prayed everyday about my health. In July of 2008 I was out looking at my garden I seen all the weed that were over taking my flowers, because of the problem I was having I was unable to pull the weeds. I’m sure that while I was looking at my garden I was talking to the Lord, I do that alot. Well I went in the house to watch the 700 club and as I made it in the house Melaleuca popped in my head I though I haven’t thought of that company for over 10 years. I sat down to watch the 700 club and the harder I tried to watch the more Melaleuca kept popping in my head. After the show was over I called Melaleuca, I said I’d like join again, they took my name and home phone and said someone will call me in 2 weeks or so. Two days later again watching the 700 Club when Pat went to pray I was unable to focus on the pray all I could hear is Melaleuca, Melaleuca I was so upset I said, Lord I’m going to call them one more time and give them my cell phone and if I’m to be in Melaleuca you have someone call me today! I called melaleuca and gave them my cell number. 15 minutes after I hung up the phone, the phone rang and it was Vicki Pimber calling me about Melaleuca I joined, placed my order for melapower and some of the other products, but no vitamins! Now this is the Lord at work, I was able to go to convention, I seen the chemist who work on the vitamins and no one was around him I went up and asked him about the Melaleuca vitamins and I’ll never forget what he said about the damage of free radicals. I switched my vitamins to Melaleuca! I thank God and Melaleuca for great products.
-Polly & Keith Ziems Preferred Customer Since 2008

I have been with Melaleuca for almost 9 years and I loved our vitamins prior to now, however I have to share that our new Vitality Pack made with the Oligo- Fructose Complex has made a dramatic improvement in my health. I have had a very stressful year with my father getting sick and passing away from cancer. I had traveled back and forth on planes to see him, and got very little sleep during that time. I really felt great considering what was going on. I am a very busy mom and I am so thankful for Melaleuca products, I feel great and have tons of energy.
-Michelle & Lance Smith Preferred Customer Since 2000

At 47 I was truly interested in having more energy, protection from free radicals, and a healther overall body portrait. I began the Vitality 4 when I got my Value Pack. Within days my energy level skyrocketed. Within a month my hair and nails were in the best condition they had EVER been in. I am now shining with energy and feeling secure about my health.
-Kimberly Douthitt Preferred Customer Since 2009

Vitality lives up to it’s name because that’s what it has meant for me. This is the first vitamin supplement that made a noticeable difference in not only my energy, but I notice more calm in times of stress.
-Margaret and Gerald Gloster Preferred Customer Since 2007

I am a cancer survivor. After my radiation treatment I had very poor health. I searched everywhere for the right combination of vitamins to try and restore my level of wellness. I had so many bottles of vitamins and minerals floating around trying to achieve a good daily intact of vitamins. These vitamins have everything I need in 2 tiny packages. I LOVE it. They are easy to take with me when I travel and at home. I also showed these to my Dr. and he felt they were an excellent source of all the vitamins and minerals needed.
-Gina Kuest Preferred Customer Since 2006

My wife and I joined Melaleuca in July of 2007 and have been taking Vitality Total ever since. I have had alot more energy and my cholesterol & blood pressure levels where they should be. I will be taking the Vitality Multivitamin and Mineral supplements from Melaleuca for the rest of my life, and of course will continue to tell others about them!
-Craig & Diane Stewart Preferred Customer Since 2007

The best vitamins EVER!!!! Now I have reason to love them even more! Thank you for providing an excellent vitamin at an unbelievable price. EVERYONE should be using these vitamins!! The world would be a much better place.
-Jenni Garner Preferred Customer Since 2006

At 47 I was truly interested in having more energy, protection from free radicals, and a healther overall body portrait. I began the Vitality 4 when I got my Value Pack. Within days my energy level skyrocketed. Within a month my hair and nails were in the best condition they had EVER been in. I am now shining with energy and feeling secure about my health.
-Kimberly Douthitt Preferred Customer Since 2009

They are inexpensive and good Vitamins and Mineral supplement. They seem to me to help my wife and myself.
-Wayne and Margie Meyer Preferred Customer Since 2002

Before I heard of Oligo I didn’t feel well. I have four kids and life was crazy busy, and I didn’t feel healthy. Within two weeks I had renewed energy. Within a month I was doing things I haven’t done in a long time. Oligo has turned the lights on in my body. Thank you, Melaleuca!
-Rick & Kimberly Yeater Preferred Customer Since 2005

I am a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for 24 Hour Fitness. Having energy, enthusiasm and good health is my job. I have been taking the new Oligo Complex since it came out and have noticed a huge increase in my energy levels before and after teaching a class. My overall well-being has improved. The thing is, I notice the difference in my health since starting to take these daily. Thank you Oligofructose Complex!
-Dia & Brian Gloster Preferred Customer Since 2006

I like to think of Vitality Total as maintainance for my body. We all change the oil in our cars in hopes that the engine will last longer, and I believe that my internal engine will last longer because I take my Vitality Total for Men daily. It makes me feel great.
-Russell Preferred Customer Since 2007

Today, I am ordering the Vitality for Life for my son. He has a high pressure job that keeps him in and out of the weather. I want him to feel the energy and vitality I have benefited from since taking these vitamins, Thanks, Melaleuca! Patricia Dodd Redding, CA
-Patricia Preferred Customer Since 2007

I have multiple health issues that sometimes made it difficult to achieve day to day tasks.As soon as I was introduced to melaleuca I was eager to try to Vitality total pack. After 1 short month I actually had the energy to go about my day to day activities. Thanks melaleuca.
-Gary Preferred Customer Since 2008

About a week after I started taking the vitamins, I noticed I had more energy, I was sleeping better, I didn’t need as much sleep and overall I just felt better mentally and physically. I enrolled with Vitality for in July 2007 and have maintained a 30-pound weight loss to date. I’m 57 years old and I feel better than I did when I was 27. People can’t believe I’m the age I am. I move like a much younger person and as a result I think younger as well. The best part is helping others find out about this great company and their incredible products. If I have my way, everyone I know and meet will try the new vitamins with Oligo. Everyone deserves good health; truly, without it you have nothing.
-Theresia Sabyan Preferred Customer Since 2007

I was taking Melaleuca’s vitamins with the Fructose Compounding. Since I have switched to the Oligofructose Complex ones I have noticed a slight increase in energy, and my fingernails are stronger, but the big difference I notice, is my hair! It is slowly but surely returning to my origional color. I went blond to cover my platnum. Then when I was 90%platnum, I quit coloring. Now I probably have about 25% of my dark! Thank You Melaleuca!
-Michael & Eileen Mallinson Preferred Customer Since 1994

My mother is 82 years old and has always been a faithful user of Centrum Silver. At least once a year, for the last 8 years that I’ve been a Melaleuca Customer, I’ve tried to gently introduce the possibility of switching brands. I’ve explained the membership, the science behind the product, the preferred pricing, the fact that this is the company that has made it possible for her lovely daughter to keep a roof over her head and not worry about how she’s going to retire; and for pete’s sake, if nothing else, because her daughter asked her to just try them! The answer was always NO. She had it that if it was any good 1. her doctor would recommend it or 2. It would be advertised on TV. I had given up convincing mom, but my sister, Sam, pleaded with her to take them. She said she was going to give it 2 months but not expect her to like them OR continue taking them. Right there I felt we were fighting a lost cause. The mind is a powerful force. It’s like a reverse placebo. If you think something works, it does. That’s why all those people selling ineffective vitamins claim they feel so good. But I also know this: If you think something won’t work or you DON’T want it to work, it won’t, even if it IS effective. My sister set her up with the 50+ pack and I stayed out of the conversation. Well wonder of wonders, I am talking to my mom toward the end of the 2nd month and her voice…It was like she had recaptured her youth. No more faint, dragging weak tone. I said, “Mom, you sound terrific”. She said, “Well I don’t want to admit this, but I think it’s those vitamins. I think I’m going to try them for another month.” That was over 6 months ago. I want to thank Melaleuca for making such a quality product and I want to thank my sister for picking up the ball that I dropped. Sharole Beckman Your Loyal Customer FOR LIFE
-Sharole Beckman Preferred Customer Since 2001

I´ve been a Vitality Pack for Women user for over 4.5 years. My health level is high and I have lots of energy. I´m 62 now, so I´m turning to the Vality Pack for 50+. My husband and I compared our vitamins, only to find mine were providing FAR more than his. Guess who was more surprised.
-JOAN BREINING Preferred Customer Since 2001

The Vitality Pack is amazing and I can tell when I don’t take it. My husband Mike works about 80 hours a week and he is very involved in the community as well as his daily job and he is in the schools weekly to teach them about the weather. He has more energy than anyone I have ever met and he never misses taking his vitamns.
-Cindy & Michael Nelson Preferred Customer Since 1996

We were recently traveling and on vacation in northern Nevada and California. We were on a 2200 mile road trip from Las Vegas to California and back. We had exhausting days. On one day in particular, I felt just overall tiredness. I took my Vitality Total PM and shorlty after, felt back to normal and full of energy. Wow, thanks goodness for the Vtality Total with oligofructose complex. It saved the rest of my trip.
-Benjamin & Diane Yrizarry Preferred Customer Since 2009

Since I was a teenager I’ve had a low iron count. When I became pregnant with my daughter three years ago I was taking a prenatal vitamins and an additional iron supplement because my blood tests showed that my iron levels were still low. I became a Melaleuca Preferred Customer January of 2008 and in June of 2008 I was pregnant with my second child. I immediately began taking the Melaleuca prenatal vitamin and in August I switched to the prenatal vitamins with Oligo. When I went to the doctor to have my blood tested my doctor was shocked when he learned that my iron levels were BETTER during my pregnancy than before I was pregnant! He asked me, ‘What kind of prenatal vitamins are you taking?!’ I brought the bottle in and he said, ‘These are the BEST prenatal vitamins I have ever seen.’ I BELIEVE in these vitamins as they have made a tremendous difference in my life and my newborn baby’s life.
-Amanda Drover Preferred Customer Since 2008

wonderful! Just had my 7 baby! Using this new formula since it came out, while nursing my new baby. It so helps me to have the extra energy I need. I am 45 years old and had a EXTREMLY healthy pregnancy! My Dr. could not believe at my AMA advance maternal age I had no medical problems. I thank God for His Grace and great products like this!
-Nancy S Rose Preferred Customer Since 2005

I have been an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon for 30 years. I have always been health conscious and exercise and watch what I eat. I have noticed increased energy levels with the Vitality Total product for men. The oligofructose compounding not only enables better absorption of the vitamins and minerals but it protects from free radical damage. I definitely feel better and have more energy when taking my Vitality Total daily! Dr. Bill Woods
-Dr. Bill & Janna Woods Preferred Customer Since 2001

I am 59 years old and have been active in water skiing, downhill snow skiing, off-road motorcycle riding and other similar things that can be hard on your body. I have been using the Melaleuca nutritional supplements for more than 10 years. The end of November 2008, my wife, Paula, and I went on a three-week trip to the United Kingdom to visit family and friends. Due to poor planning, our Melaleuca order did not arrive before our flight left so we were forced to go without our Vitality Pack. Big mistake! By the end of the first week, my muscles were aching, I wanted to nap and was very restless at night. The second week only got worse, I was napping for at least one to two hours, the bed had become unbelievably uncomfortable and I was sleeping very poorly. By the end of the third week, I required at minimum a two-hour nap just to make it through the day, even my muscles ached and the bed was more of a nightmare than a relief. The eight-hour flight home was by far the most miserable flight I have ever been on, at no fault of the airline. The day we got home I started taking Oligo and extra Replenex® for about four days and, WOW, what a difference. I will never go a day, let alone on any extended trip, without the Melaleuca vitamins.
-James & Paula Boldman Preferred Customer Since 1999

I have tried several brands of vitamins. Always looking for that extra kick of energy, but always found myself uncussesful. Once I did found one that I thought it would do its job, I came to find out that it was hurting my liver. Months later I came across with Melaleuca. My brother in law offer us to try them out. Ever since then, I have been a loyal customer to Melaleuca. I would never leave Melaleuca. Thank
-Humberto Mancilla Preferred Customer Since 2009

I’ve been a member since 4/09 and was taking a well known liquid vitamin that I was pleased with. I thought I’d give the vitality 50+ a chance. I’m certainly glad I did! I feel more energetic and it’s a third of the cost!
-Jean A. Herron Preferred Customer Since 2009

I am a 36 year-old single mom who has an active 2 year old little angel. With the last 2 years a lot of personal issues made my life very stressful and in turn took a toll on my blood pressure. My blood pressure had risen to the 140/90 range; the pre-hypertension stage. My doctor was ready to put me on blood pressure medication. I didn’t want the side effects of any medication and decided to change my life and join Melaleuca. I purchased the Heart and Health Vitality 6 and my next doctor’s appointment my blood pressure had gone back to normal 120/66. Melaleuca saved my life!
-Latisha Power Preferred Customer Since 2009

I am the mother of seven beautiful children. Until last October I didn’t have the energy to look after them. Every morning I would drag myself out of bed and do what I had to do but all I could think about was “when can I go back to bed?” I would take a long nap every day but still felt exhausted. I exercised to gain energy, I lost weight, I quit breast-feeding, I ate healthy foods including every supplement I could find that promised energy. NOTHING helped!! One day a cousin of mine told me to try her vitamins (Vitality 4™ Essentials). Literally, within two days I was bouncing off the walls with energy! I would try to lie down for my customary nap but I couldn’t sleep! I now have the energy to look after my household and run my own Melaleuca business. My husband won’t let me get off the Vitality Pack. Thank you Melaleuca for developing Oligo! I’ve never felt better!
-Teresa Knegt Preferred Customer Since 2008

Since using the Vitality 4 for women I’ve noticed a tremendous results in 2 weeks. I have so much more energy and I feel rested in the morning. No need for afternoon naps make it thru the day happy and cheerful. They are very easy to take am-pm packs. Thank you Melaleuca for this outstanding product and I will share this product with everyone. Always greatful Milena Halavanja Niagara Falls,ON
-Milena and Milorad Halavanja Preferred Customer Since 2009

The Melaleuca Vitality Pack with Oligofructose Complex has kept me healthy even during times of stress. When Melaleuca came out with the Oligofructose Vitality Pack last August I began taking them ( I have always taken Melaleuca’s Vitality Pack)The Oligofructose Complex Vitality Pack has kept me healthy even during a very stressful time when my husband was in the hospital and the nursing home for five months. I stayed healthy during this time and had the energy to visit him every day even though I had to drive 90 miles round trip each day. Thank you Melaleuca for Oligofructose Complex vitamins and their solubility and for keeping me healthy.
-Lynda Guinnee Preferred Customer Since 2004

Take it for a week, you will notice the difference. I cut down a little on the coffee and energy pills.
-Julia Horvatin Preferred Customer Since 2008

mi nombre es Ricaarda Sapon soy de Houston Texas tengo un mes tomando las vitaminas y me siento con mucha energia mi organismo me pide mas frutas y vegetales y mas agua es sorprendente todo el dia me siento muy activa nunca dejare de tomarlo porque me siento muy bien y lo estoy recomendando a toda persona que me encuentre gracias.
-Ricarda Sapon Preferred Customer Since 2008

en los ultimos 6 meses he tomado vitality 4 para mujer, en las primeras dos semanas del tratamiento empese a recuperar mi energia, gracias a este mavavilloso producto, hoy soy otra persona con gabas de vivir, lo recomiendo ampliamente. Gracias Melaleuca por este descubriento, que ha sido para mi mi salvaciom
-Maria Reyes Preferred Customer Since 2007

I had no intention of switching to Vitality vitamins when I joined Melaleuca. However, since they were part of the value pack I thought I’d give them a try. After a few days I noticed I didn’t feel like taking a nap when I put my son down for his nap any more. Then my husband noticed that I no longer counted down the minutes until bedtime. I thought I wonder if it is the vitamins. Well half way through the next month I used my last Vitality pack. Within a couple of days I was dragging once again. Needless to say I placed a second order that month–this time including the vitamins. I wake up feeling refreshed which is something I haven’t felt since my son was born almost 2yrs ago. I love them. They have given me back hours in my day.
-Michele Poland Preferred Customer Since 2009

Extraordinary research and development have led to a leader in the industry. I feel great at 64 and have energy for a full day from 5:30 AM workouts, working a full day, caring for family, home and garden until 10 PM at night. I never miss a beat and have many people remarking on my endless energy and health. Thank you Melaleuca for your dedication to human wellness and care for our environment. A winning combination! Marilyn Larez Director III
-Marilyn Larez Preferred Customer Since 2007

We love them!! Before we started with vitality we were spending a lot of money on other brands. I thought we were having good results until we started with vitality. I can’t live with out them. I feel great with energy I sleep like a baby!! Since taking vitality my husband and I feel better.
-Abel Sanchez & Maria Reyes Preferred Customer Since 2008

Since using Vitality 4 Essentials for woman, I have noticed a major change in how I feel! I have so much more energy and sleep so peacefully at night. I awaken, feeling ready for the day with so much energy. Oh, I must not forget, not only do I feel more energy, I also feel a sense of peace! That´s HUGE!!!
-Jackie Bochnowski Preferred Customer Since 2008

I just have to say, my sisters take the vitamins and we all agreed that without the vitamins, I dont know how we would have had the energy, focus or where withall to make it through these difficult times. I wish everyone would take these vitamins and use these products! We owe it to ourselves to be healthy in ourdaily lives when it all is good-but more when they arent.
-Michelle Lessard Preferred Customer Since 2008

I was struggling with stomach problems. I was miserable all the time. I started taking Florify that was in the Vitality 4 pack and with in a few days…yes days not weeks I noticed a difference! I feel 100% better and have more energy than I ever thought I would!
-Tammy and Kenneth Truitt Preferred Customer Since 2007

As a professional chef I have always tried to stay on the cutting edge of good nutrition. I’ve also known that no matter how much I knew, eating a good diet, where I am getting all of my needed nutrients, is next to impossible. Despite my focus on nutrition, my family lovingly refers to me as ‘The Queen of Naps.’ Every day at 3 p.m. it felt, for me, like the blinds had come down. No matter what, I found a way to take my needed nap, even if it meant lying on the floor in one of my restaurants covered up with a tablecloth! I had been taking the Melaleuca vitamins for about six weeks, when my husband walked past my desk one afternoon at 3 p.m., and asked, ‘Why aren’t you taking a nap?’ It was then that I realized not only did I not feel like taking a nap, I actually hadn’t taken one in weeks! So that was my first clue that these vitamins worked better for me than ANYTHING I have ever tried before! I’ve continued to take them daily. Everyone is happier, more energetic, and healthier.
-Anna Bass Preferred Customer Since 2008

desde que estoy usando oligo nomesiento cansada y es bajado de peso y mi piel esta presiosa yo tenia barios quitel en mi obarios y gracia a dios desde gue estoy tomando oligo notengo nada , atodos mi cliente yo lesujiero que se latomen que son muy buena
-Marianela & Cesar Guerrero Preferred Customer Since 2005

I am 84 years of age. My husband had 5 by-pass surgery last fall and was in ICU for 2 months. During that time I was able to stay with him at the hospital which was 50 miles from our home. I had my Oligofructose vitamins, Replenex and Nutraview with me. Your company even sent my Nov. & Dec. order directly to the hospital so I was never without them. I feel that by having the Oligofructose vitamins with me, I was able to keep myself healthy for those 2 months in the hospital surroundings and then during my return home. I am still going strong & know that your superior products have been my salvation during these stressful times. Edna F. Steele
-Edna Steele Preferred Customer Since 2005

I was already loving the Vitality For Life products and wondered how could they be even better? WOW! I am 62 years on the calendar but about 45 years in how I feel. I am strong, full of energy, glowing skin, strong nails and hair, vibrant. I take the 50+ Total Vitality Pack and I don’t leave home without them.
-Erin Criss Preferred Customer Since 2004

I take the one for 50 and older. If I slack off a little, I do notice a difference. One of my enrollees has said the same experience. Thank you for creating this great product. Sincerely, Gloria NIchols Overland Park, Kansas
-Paul and Gloria Nichols Preferred Customer Since 1991

I have been a preferred customer since July 2003. I was fortunate to have an enroller who encouraged me to take the supplements. I will celebrate my 69 birthday in May and continue to take the Daily for Life along with Melaleuca’s other supplements which has provided me a quality lifestyle that I enjoy today all with the help of the Daily for Life which has been a real blessing since the Oligofructose Complex was added. My energies are great, and the quality of life I enjoy today is because of this fantastic discovery. I continue to share with many who have health challenges ~ to view me ~ as a walking, breathing testimony of Melaleuca’s outstanding products with a money back guarantee. I am so blessed!
-Verna Keyes Preferred Customer Since 2003

I have used MANY vitamins over the years. They all claim to increase your energy, but fall short in achieving what they claim. Melaleuca’s Vitality Pack really delivers with a noticeable increase in both energy & overall wellness. I can go from 5:30 AM to work and continue to 10:00 after choir/worship practice & not miss a beat. Thank you, Melaleuca, for your commitment to excellence in all aspects of our lives.
-Catherine M Greene Preferred Customer Since 2008

As a registered nurse the discovery of oligofructose complex proved everything I had always said about other vitamins. Within 1 week of starting Vitality 4 I could feel a difference in my energy level. We will always use Vitality products. They work better and are safer for our bodies.
-Beth Gray Preferred Customer Since 2008

Getting my husband to take vitamins used to be a chore. I think he just didn´t see much difference. Taking the Vitality 6, so conveniently packaged, has made a big difference in his overall health. His family has a history of heart problems, but I know he´s getting the best vitamins available. He eats right, exercises, and at 60 years old has more energy than some half his age. Thank you, Melaleuca!
-Joy Bauman Preferred Customer Since 2005

I take these vitamins every day! I became diabetic through my pregnancy and 8 months later I am still breast feeding. When I forget my pills everyone notices because I become tired, mean, when I don´t take my prenatal vitamins. Melaleuca is the best company making the best products hands down!
-Meese Duey Preferred Customer Since 2006

I count on your great suite of supplements to “keep me in the game”. As a 72 year old personal trainer with clients age 17-84 and an average 4 hour day, my energy needs are enormous. I often include a basketball or racquet ball game in my daily activites. People are simply amazed that I “still have it”. They don’t know my secret. THANKS, MELALEUCA.
-Lawrence and Judith Dawson Preferred Customer Since 1995

Using the vitality pack for only 3 weeks the ridges in my fingernails are becoming less and less noticable. My nails are also stronger and my skin looks great. My need for naps are less and less. I have used many other brands and as a Chiropractor, many many supplements come my way. I like how I can swallow these and it doesn´t feel like work. Vitality pack is easy to use making it enjoyable to take and the results are easy to see. Thanks, Marie Ashby DC
-Cecil and Marie Ashby Preferred Customer Since 2008

Para mi lo mejor que he notado lo aleta que me mantengo, ya que antes no descansaba al momento de dormir, me dormia donde quiera, ahora me siento con mas energia y cocentracion al ejecutar mi trabajo
-Angel Quintana Preferred Customer Since 2006

Para mi fue muy agradable que mi esposo tomara estas vitaminas con el Oligofructose Complex porque si me di cuenta de la diferincias que cuando el llega ahora de su trabajo sale a limpiar el jardin y a limpiar los carros se le ve mas energia , porque antes llegaba tan cansado que lo unico que alcanzaba a hacer es llegar, agarrar el control acostarse y de alli a la cama; Le estoy muy agradecida a mi patrocinador por compartir su experincia de melaleuca con migo . Gracias por esta compania tan maravillosa que tenemos.
-Erik & Etelvina Castillo Preferred Customer Since 2007

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