Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New year... I love this Company

Melaleuca has hit the ground running with the January promotion announced this morning! I have never seen a promotion like this...look at what we have:
  • $1 Enrollments through January 21st!!!!
  • Pacesetter re-set for Director II's and below!
  • New first generation position for Director III's and above!!!
Dial 712-432-0420 for the January 1st conference call.
January is the month to:
Refer new customers
Earn Allstar by referring four new customers by January 21
All new customers can enroll for just $1 from January 1 thru January 21, 2013.
Anyone who earns Allstar can qualify for amazing rewards:
For Directors III or above
When you earn Allstar you automatically earn a new first generation position! (Available February 15)
For Marketing Executives thru Director II
When you earn Allstar, you can reset your Pacesetter clock (beginning February 1)
Here's how it all works:
$1 Enrollments – to qualify for $1 enrollments new customers need to place a 35 product point order in the month of January
First generation position – Anyone who's status is Director III or above by January 31, and who earns Allstar in January by quality enrolling 4 new customers by January 21, will be given a new first generation position – to be awarded February 15, 2013 and remain open until March 31, 2013.
Pacesetter Reset – Anyone who's status on December 31, 2012 was Director II or below and earns Allstar in January and has a commission rate of Director by January 31, can have their Pacesetter schedule reset effective February 1!
What if you're a Director II or below and are outside your pacesetter schedule, what should you do?
Earn Allstar by quality enrolling 4 new customers by January 21.
Be a commission rate Director by January 31.
Your pacesetter schedule is reset and you have one month to advance to Director II based on your January 31 status, and earn pacesetter bonuses.
Next month you need to advance to Director III and so forth.
What if you're a Director III on December 31?
While you're not eligible for a pacesetter reset, you can earn a new first generation position, team up with your newest customer, and grow your bonus.

THIS IS A HUGE PROMO AND SO MUCH TO GAIN!!! I'M SO EXCITED TO WORK WITH ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!! We'll talk more about this on the Monday team call... but, for now start walking and talking and enhancing lives for $1!!!   Visit

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