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Melaleuca Business Opportunity

Melaleuca Business Opportunity

Are you looking for an honest third party review of Melaleuca? Thinking about joining the business as an additional source of income? Did a friend or family member ask you to take a look at the new business they just joined?Melaleuca business opportunity review
Regardless of the reason, I am going to provide an honest third party review of the Home Based Business Opportunity Melalecua.
I have a friend who is actually building the business and he recently invited my wife and I to his home for a quick overview of the opportunity. Maybe you just experienced this yourself or someone has asked you to join them and is trying to set up a meeting to show you the benefits of joining Melaleuca.
If you have been to a plan showing or have been invited to one, I will take a few seconds to give you a brief outline of the company below:

Melaleuca has been around since 1985

…and is know for it’s environmentally friendly products. The person who has asked you to join their business has most likely demonstrated some of the products. I was quite impressed with some of them myself when my friend was showing us the business plan. They are child friendly and do not contain chemicals that most home cleaning products have that irritate allergies.
Melaleuca also has a nutritional supplement product line. These are comparable to store bought supplements but may save you a buck or two per purchase.
The whole idea of acquiring customers is to show them the value of the products and convince them that by changing their buying habits and replacing Melaleuca products with products they are already buying, you can help them with better products and save money with lower costs.

Making Money With Melaleuca

One of the attractive benefits of joining Melalecua is the opportunity to become a business owner and sale their products for a percentage of revenues. This is done the same way as any traditional home based business such as Amway, MonaVie, etc.
The person that recruits you will have you make a list of people you know and ask you to contact your family and friends to recommend them to join your business. Again, that may be a reason you were searching for Melaleuca online in the first place.
You make money by referring people to replace the products they are currently buying with the Melaleuca products you are selling and offer them the opportunity to join your business and become a builder as well. You earn a percentage of each customer sale. You are also rewarded bonuses for team building and the number of customers you enroll.
You can definitely make money as a Melaleuca business owner. It may take some time for you to learn what you need to learn and refer enough customers and business builders to build a sufficient income.
I have been involved with traditional home based businesses in the past. I didn’t like the concept of chasing my family and friends, doing home parties, or cold calling people on the phone everyday to pitch my business opportunity to them. This is one of the main reasons I decided not to join my friend in his Melaleuca business.
Instead I found a revolutionary Internet Based Business that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. They pay out 100% commissions instead of 15% or 20% like most other companies. They have a complete sales funnel that is already built for you, you just have to send people to the capture pages. AND they provide world class training products that are the best Marketing products I have ever seen. This is coming from a person who has a degree in Marketing and paid over $40,000 for my education. The training provided in this system is First Class Marketing education bar none.
And the best part? It only costs $1 to join!
If you want to find out more, click the link below:

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