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Melaleuca Product Stories
I was diagnosed with an Arthritic condition called Anklelosing Spondylitis at the age of thirteen. I was forced out of sports and left to use crutches on a daily basis before my diagnosis. Initially, I was prescribed Indomethacin. This seemed to be the cure. No more crutches and back in sports. I did have to increase the Indocin however. By the time I was sixteen I was ingesting close to 20 anti-inflammatory a day. I was also seeing my doctor for ulcers. Through the years my AS has gone in and out of remission. Recently, in 2010, my AS resurfaced. The normal joint pain in my knees, wrists and ankles was present. This time my hips and back hurt also. I was prescribed Enbrel which helped but the pain was still present. In December 2010, I received a total hip replacement due to bone deterioration. The surgery went well and I continued to take Enbrel for pain.
Three months ago I decided to try REPLENEX EXTRA STRENGTH. After two weeks of taking REPLENEX EXTRA STRENGTH, I experienced a noticeable change in my day to day pain. After one month I was almost pain free! I recently had an appointment with my Rheumatologist and we are in the process of weaning me off Enbrel. Chad H.
During the Christmas holidays, my sister-in-law came down for a visit. Our family had a get together and boiled crawfish. My nephew happened to wear his brand new New Orleans Hornet basketball jersey. He had crawfish juice and guts all over it. Crawfish are known to be very messy and they stain badly. The next day he asked me if I could get the spots off of it so that he could wear it to the Saints game. I took a damp washcloth and the SOLUMEL and rubbed the spots They came out and I was amazed. I’ve never found anything that gets out crawfish juice stains! Petra H.
Product Highlight
The digestive tract, one of the largest of your body systems, is sometimes overlooked in regards to nutritional support. Your digestive tract is absolutely vital to your ongoing health. Your intestines are responsible for supplying your cells with needed nutrients. They also eliminate toxins that result from natural metabolic processes. In order for our digestive system to function properly it depends on bacteria, single –celled organisms that are constantly at work in our bodies called flora.
What Can Affect the Balance of Flora?
Illness, poor diet, stress, aging, infection by food poisoning, and the use of medications can disturb the balance between beneficial and harmful flora. Antibiotics are particularly harmful. Unfortunately, antibiotics are unable to distinguish between good and bad flora, and they can wipe out your good flora, which leaves your bowels vulnerable to invasion of potentially dangerous bacteria. This threatens the balance of intestinal flora causing indigestion, constipation, abdominal discomfort, and other digestive problems. FLORIFY, with the research-recommended dose of two probiotics, helps correct the imbalance, boosting the health of your digestive system and helping improve nutrient absorption.
Two Highly Researched, Acid Resistant Strains
FLORIFY contains two probiotic strains, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. These probiotics are strong enough to endure your stomach acid, pass through the digestive process, and enter your large intestine where they can go to work balancing intestinal flora. The probiotics used in FLORIFY underwent extensive tests. Each strain was tested for pH tolerance, bile tolerance, and sensitivity to antibiotics, all essential for survival in the body.
How Does Florify Work?
FLORIFY’s probiotics attach themselves to the intestinal wall where they help counteract bad flora. Studies show Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora by producing organic compounds and inhibiting the reproduction of many harmful flora. These probiotics also produce substances called bacteriocins, which play an important role in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Probiotics also assist in improving nutrient uptake and balancing the negative effects of bad flora in your intestine.
Florify’s Probiotic Blend
FLORIFY includes a proprietary blend of the following:
  • Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)- prebiotics that nourish the growth of FLORIFY’s probiotics.
  • Calcium phosphate-helps increase the absorption of FLORIFY’s probiotics
  • Green tea extract- a powerful antioxidant known to help improve digestive health
FLORIFY- 7774 $13.79pc 9pts
What is New with Melaleuca?
In 2012, Melaleuca ended its sales at $1,130,000,000. This is 10% growth from 2011. This is significant growth for a company in any year, but in difficult economic times it is simply amazing.
In 1985, when Melaleuca opened its doors, only 6% of consumers considered the effects on the environment when they purchased products. In 2012 that number has risen to 69%.
Melaleuca has launched the Vitality for Life Magazine. It is free to all Melaleuca Preferred Customers to be included every other month in their order (it will not be included in a backup order). It is full of health news and tips from experts in the health and fitness fields, recipes, exercises to target trouble spots, and the latest research to encourage and guide Melaleuca customers through every step of their wellness journey. Look for it in your January order!
New Exciting Products
New Flavor-Attain GC Control Apple and Cinnamon
New Fresh Apple and Cinnamon GC Control combines the flavor of tart apples and sweet cinnamon with patented Oligo mineral delivery technology and a special blend of highly concentrated natural ingredients that together are clinically shown to:
  • Help support and balance blood glucose levels
  • Promote healthy insulin response
  • Optimize blood sugar metabolism
8742 Fresh Apple and Cinnamon Attain GC Control- 10 servings
$16.79 10pts.
Sun Valley Wax Warmers
Love the warm glow of scented candles but like to change the scents more frequently? Sun Valley Wax Warmers are a delightful alternative. Halogen bulbs warm wax safely and last longer. There are three styles to choose from for your home.
Go online to see the styles. $11.99 5pts.
Sun Valley Wax Melts
Introducing ten new enticing scents in the Sun Valley Melts collection. From luscious fruits and fragrant flowers to the familiar aromas of a baker’s spice rack, just a few wax cubes in your warmer dish will mingle delicious smells throughout your home. All Wax Melts are nontoxic and nonirritant.
Go online to see 10 scents. $4.99 3pts.
Exceed Gum (replaces Melaleuca’s Hot Shot and Cool Shot gum)
New Exceed Gum is a sugar-free breath freshener sweetened with xylitol, not aspartame. It delivers a long, lasting, guilt-free burst of flavor that freshens your breath in a healthy way.
9264 Wintermint
9674 Spearmint
9678 Tropical
$1.79 1pt. 14 pieces
Complete Radiance Clay Facial Masque
Rejuvenate your complexion and refresh your senses with a new Complete Radiance Clay Facial Masque. Filled with skin-beautifying ingredients, this one-of-a-kind masque works like five beauty treatments- it is a deep cleanser, skin tightener, pore reducer, exfoliator, and skin smoother.
4930 Complete Radiance Clay Facial Masque
$20.00 13pts.
Age-Defying Concealers with Peptides
Don’t just conceal-correct. New oil-free Age-Defying Concealer delivers peptides, antioxidants, proteins, and other powerful ingredients right to the delicate undereye skin to mimimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles where they are most likely to appear. Improved buildable coverage makes dark circles, sun spots, and blemishes practically vanish.
Go online to see the five different shades- $14.50 9pts.
Enhance Eye Shadow Primer
New Enhance Eye Shadow Primer anchors your eye makeup, preventing fading, smudging, and creasing for truer, longer-lasting colors.
5725 Enhance Eye Shadow Primer
$15.00 10pts.

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