Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Here is some information about the Gregersen Family adoption journey

How Our Adoption Journey Began

Our adoption journey really began...at the beginning.  From the moment we knew we would get married and start a family, Paul and I talked about having four children.  It was one of those, "Three isn't quite enough and we don't want a middle child, and four seems like a great number."  Little did we know that God was preparing us for four very special children.  Yes, all children are very special, but when we reflect on the fact that we just know that we have two more children who are ours, but are clear across the ocean, well...it is a bit overwhelming and amazing.

About three years ago, we realized that we (our whole family) had that "itch".  We were already 40 something, yet our already-home children began saying things like, "I want another brother or sister."  Even before that, whenever anyone would ask me if we were planning on having more children, I would always answer with, "It isn't in our plans, but we always leave the planning to God, so if He has more children for us, I'm sure we'll have plenty of room and love for them."  Now I realize, He was setting me up! AND it wasn't a joke!

The kids began praying every night for another brother or sister, or "one of each".  They also felt that God had two more siblings for them.  Paul and I would just look at each other and smile, knowing that we love children, would gladly welcome more, but weren't in any position to plan another biological child.  Paul's hours had just been cut at work and he was anticipating a possible lay-off.  I was reaching the age of 40.  He was already turning 42.  We just wondered what God was doing with our family.

The lay-off came and we went through approximately two years of job searching, frugal meal planning, praising God that we didn't have debt other than our home, and finally having to short sell our house.  However, during that entire time, we never stopped hearing God's calling.  We together realized we really had a heart for Africa.  We talked about possibly going on the mission field somewhere in North Africa.  Slowly but surely, we discerned that our love and desire for more children and our burden for Africa were one in the same.  We knew we had at least one other child in Africa.

There were details that were daunting (and still are) like the costs involved and even the trip aross the ocean.  One of my unhealthy fears is that of flying.  Now I'm preparing to fly to the other side of the world!?!?  I've already felt God at work taking away that fear and replacing it with peace and understanding that can only come from Him and His love.  Even considering these details, we still have confirmation after confirmation that this is the direction God is leading us. 

So, our application went First Class to the Home Office of Children's Hope International today.  We now wait and pray that we're approved, and continue to pray that God provides the funding necessary to see this process through.  Even in this, He has brought me peace and patience.  I know that this is something the Lord has divinely planned, therefore I know He will make a way.

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