Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We Have a Deadline!!!!!

You really need to know the story that God is writing. It has brought me to my knees - on my face - at the feet of the Almighty, my Daddy God. Really? How is it that I would be so privileged as to become "mommy" to orphans? I'm already blessed with a loving, supportive, compassionate, really funny man (Yeah. It's best not to get into that one yet. Better for a future post!) And I've been given two priceless gifts in Rhyan and Tyler. Yet, He wants to give me more??? Remember those MORES? Here they come, and all because of God's grace and love.

The Lord has done some amazing things in the last few days, and let me just spit it out and say that we have been "matched" with two sweet little boys in Ethiopia and we need help to allow us to be their parents. Here’s the deal. We’ve been given the unofficial referral, but the official referral comes with a fee that is paid to the Ethiopian government, orphanage, and other agencies that officially release (for lack of a better term at the moment) the boys as ours. . We have two weeks before they end up being sent back to the orphanage and possibly separated from each other. This is simply how things work there.

Really, we are all part of this story; the adoption story, I  mean. Haven't we been adopted into God's Forever Family through the blood of His Son? What a price to pay. The funds we have to raise are so trivial in comparison, yet the funds are the price we must pay to adopt our boys. As God has called us (the Gregersens) to become parents to orphans, He has called others to care for orphans in other ways. We believe one of those ways is helping to finance a family adoption. Our total to be able to call them ours officially and stop the ride back to the orphanage and/or separation from each other is $22,000. (I hear crickets chirping. Have you recovered yet?) I know. It’s a huge amount and is in addition to costs we have already covered as well as costs that will come after, such as: travel, passports, and visas. Our deadline is 7:00 a.m., Tuesday December 18th. So, please remember that any amount helps, and your donation is priceless to our family. Just use the donate button here on our blog and trust that whatever is given from your heart is received humbly and gratefully. You are part of the story!!!  **Please use the "ChipIn" button to donate.**
Here is a little bit about our guys. The boys are 6 and 3, and as a new friend and Sister in Christ said, they are “through the roof sweet!” She and her husband were in Ethiopia a couple weeks ago meeting their three daughters for the first time, and they got to meet the boys!  I’m shaking as I type. Again, how can God be so kind and generous as to choose ME to be their mommy, and Paul to be their Daddy... and Rhyan and Ty to be there siblings!?!? Surreal. FYI –  Age alone makes our 6 year-old special needs, as he is not as “adoptable” being considered an “older” child. Really? Yes. Ugh. They are also harder to place because there are two of them – and not girls. This is just how things roll in the adoption world, folks.  
Okay – please continue to pray! I can honestly say I’m nervous. Nervous for what these next two weeks hold, and even for the changes that are coming to our family. We are all super-excited, but the unknown can also be scary. This is a huge step in obedience for us, especially knowing that it’s impossible for us to make this happen. Only God can make this happen. We feel the obedience thing just as much as we feel the emotion. I look at the faces of many orphans and I love them all, so I asked God that if that’s the case, how would I know when I see “my” children? He clearly told me that it’s because He’s given me His heart for orphans, and He loves them all too – more than I do. But we can’t “rescue” all of them. He’s called us only to parent these two...plus the two who are home now! He told me to say yes and see what He does! Oh, I LOVE GOD SO MUCH!!!! We’ve prayed for our adoption to be such a “not-us-all-Him thing”, and for Him to get all the glory. This certainly will show His sovereignty! Faith of a mustard seed, right?

To help this family please visit their web site and donate to help this young boys

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